Frequently Asked Questions


  • +- Is the Personal Alert System (PAS) base unit connected to a home telephone line?
  • +- If I am on the telephone and an incident occurs, can I activate the base unit or pendant / watch?
  • +- What is the turnaround time for installation?


  • +- What is the range of voice activation in the home?
  • +- What is the range of the emergency pendant / watch from the base unit?
  • +- What is the maximum number of pendants / watches that can run off a base unit?

Power, Battery and Reliability

  • +- If the mains power is disconnected, will my base unit still operate?
  • +- How long does the unit’s backup battery last if power is disconnected?
  • +- How long does the pendant / watch battery last?
  • +- What power surge and lightning protection does the unit have for reliability?
  • +- What standards does the unit comply with?
  • +- How can I tell if the unit is still functional and ready to transmit a call for help at all times?

Warranty & Return policy

  • +- What warranty comes with the unit?
  • +- Can the battery in the pendant / watch be replaced?


  • +- If RAA sends an ambulance, is it at the cost of the customer?
  • +- Can a PAS base unit be sold without the monitoring and the customer use another security provider?
  • +- If I require more than 1 pendant / watch, does the $50.00 installation fee apply?


  • +- Are the pendants / watches water-resistant and can I still shower or bath with them on?
  • +- Does the watch work in the same way as the pendant?
  • +- Can I order the pendant as well as the watch?
  • +- Can I change my mind if I don’t like the watch?
  • +- Are the unit’s buttons visible at night or in the dark?
  • +- Will the unit interfere with a pacemaker or hearing aid?
  • +- How do we know who are your emergency contacts?
  • +- How do we know if you have any pre-existing medical conditions?
  • +- Should I purchase a KeySafe?
  • +- What do you need to do if you have a landline based Personal Alert System?
  • +- What changes will the National Broadband Network (NBN) bring?