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Tyre Maintenance Tips


There are a number of things to consider in order to keep

your tyres in good condition. Here's a list of top tips that

should be followed for the tyres ongoing care and


Check tyre pressure at least monthly


Avoid bleeding air from hot tyres because you may unintentionally end up with the pressure being too low when cold. It is best to check tyre pressure when the tyre is mostly cold.

Most tyres are fitted with tread wear indicators, which are located in the tread grove. The tyres need to be replaced if these indicators are able to touch the road during normal operation.


Sealing tyre valve caps should always be used. Also, check valves regularly for damage or leaks.

To ensure good tyre life, check wheel alignment and rotate tyres regularly


For long distance driving and load conditions, increase the inflation pressure as shown in vehicle owner’s handbook.



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