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Fuel Quality

Ongoing changes to Fuel Emission Standards

Since 1 January 2004, the Federal Government's fuel standards for petrol and diesel under the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 were phased in. Currently there are fuel quality standards for the following fuels:

  • Unleaded Petrol (ULP) 
  • Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) 
  • E10 
  • Diesel 
  • Autogas (LPG) 
  • Biodiesel

Similar changes to fuel standards have been progressively implemented in Australia since January 2002, targeting fuels which have a direct impact on the environment. These fuel standards ensure that Australian fuel standards are closely aligned with European standards.

The Federal Government's Fuel Quality Standards website has additional information or you can contact RAA’s technical experts for free advice either online or by phone on 8202 4689.

The Department of Environment and Energy cannot assist with claims for compensation or other consumer issues related to damage or losses alleged to have been caused by poor quality fuel. Enquiries of this nature should be forwarded to the fair trading or consumer affairs agency in your state or territory.

If you believe you have purchased fuel that does not meet the Federal Government's Fuel Quality Standards you can either complete a Fuel Quality Complaint Report online or phone 1800 803 772 during business hours.

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