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Number Plate Theft Prevention Initiative

About 3,000 number plates were stolen from vehicles in South Australia last year.

Number plates are often stolen from vehicles to conduct other crimes, such as petrol theft, avoiding speeding fines, or to conduct robberies and house break-ins.

To help motorists avoid number plate theft, the SA Vehicle Theft Reduction Committee (SAVTRC) is running an initiative with support from RAA, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, SA Police, the Attorney General’s office and the Motor Trade Association, to provide tamper-resistant screws to motorists free of charge.

To take up this offer

Contact RAA’s Technical Advisory Service on 8202 4689 or via email to find out where the nearest participating Approved Repairer is located.

You will then be asked to contact the RAA Approved Repairer and make a booking to have the tamper-resistant screws installed.

It should only take a few minutes for the screws to be installed, but bookings are essential.

For motorists residing in country or regional areas, please contact the Technical Advisory Service on 8202 4689 and we’ll post a set of generic self-taping tamper-resistant screws to you, for you to install yourself. They are very easy to install. Simply:

  • remove the screws currently holding your number plate in place
  • use a flat bladed screwdriver to install the screws
  • tighten until firm, but don’t over-tighten them

Tamper-resistant screws are also available for purchase from RAA Shops, and most hardware stores or specialist fastener suppliers.

Theft Prevention

To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of number plate theft, authorities suggest the following security tips:

  • Secure your number plates with tamper-resistant screws.
  • Check your vehicle regularly to ensure the number plates on your vehicle are secure.
  • Secure your vehicle in a locked garage, where possible.
  • Park your vehicle in well-lit areas.

If your number plate is stolen, you should report it to SA Police immediately by calling the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

For more tips on vehicle theft reduction, click here to download a factsheet from SAPOL.