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LPG Calculator

To help you decide whether or not to convert your vehicle to operate on LPG (also called Autogas), we have created an LPG calculator to put the cost of conversion into perspective.

The calculator will determine your yearly petrol costs compared to your yearly fuel savings (created by switching to LPG), and the ‘break even’ time and distance required to re-coup the cost of converting your car to LPG.

Presumed efficiency loss: Some efficiency loss will be experienced when operating on LPG. Variations are due to the technology of the system fitted; therefore the LPG calculator makes the following allowances:

  • Latest liquefied injection allow 10%
  • Vapour injection allow 20%
  • Vapour mixer (10-15 years ago) allow 30%
LPG Calculator

This guide is a valuation tool and provides estimates only. It does not provide a definitive valuation of any LPG fuel conversion costs.