Buying a Used Car


A warranty is your guarantee that should any faults become apparent within the warranty period, you won’t have to pay to have them repaired. While all new cars would be covered by a warranty, it’s not the same for used cars.

If you buy a used vehicle privately, it will not have a warranty attached. A vehicle purchased from a dealer may have a warranty. The period of that warranty will be determined by the purchase price of the vehicle.

  • $3001 - $6000 provides cover for the first 3,000 km travelled or two months (whichever occurs first).
  • Over $6000 gives cover for the first 5,000 km travelled or 3 months (whichever comes first).

Vehicles that are sold for less than $3000, have travelled more than 200,000 kilometres or were first registered more than 15 years ago are not covered by a warranty even when purchased from a dealer.

There is no warranty on a vehicle that you have had in your possession for 3 months or more before the date of sale.

You can choose not to have a warranty in order to negotiate a better price. However, a dealer is not permitted to make it a condition of sale.

A dealer who sells a vehicle through an auction must meet the same warranty requirements as if the car were sold from the car yard.

Vehicles being auctioned should display the following information.

  • Auctioneer's name 
  • Name and address of previous owner 
  • Accuracy of the vehicle's odometer 
  • Whether the vehicle is covered by a warranty