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Member & Loyalty Discounts

RAA helps you save by offering discounts on products based on the type of products you hold and the amount of time you've been a member*.

These membership discounts are new to RAA and we're excited to be able to offer member discounts on Road Service and Security Monitoring, as well as simplifying and extending the existing member discounts on Insurance.

The table below shows how much you could save on the listed RAA products when you hold two or more product groups^.

Membership Architecture Discount Table

Let's see how this works with an actual example...

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If he chooses to purchase any other products from RAA in the future, he'll get member discounts off those too.

*Members savings depend upon the type of products you hold and the level of your membership. You must hold at least two product groups (e.g. Road Service and Insurance) before any membership discounts are applied.

^Product groups are Road Service, Insurance and Security Monitoring (excludes Travel Insurance). You do not qualify for the discount if you hold multiple policies within the one product group.

RAA Annuity Products

Road Service
Drive with peace of mind knowing that in the unfortuante event of  a breakdown, RAA will come to your rescue.
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Protection for your car, home, boat, caravan and lots more. It's no accident more South Australian's trust RAA for their insurance.
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Secure Services

We can watch over your most valuable assets when you are unable to.
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