RAA Policies

RAA and the Environment

‘Creating a sustainable environment for our people and community’ is one of RAA’s five core business values.

Some examples of our commitment to environmental sustainability include:

  • Achieving zero waste to landfill for the last 12 months.
  • Implementing the Compass Model for sustainable management, ensuring all business decisions are assessed to incorporate nature, wellness, economic and social outcomes which together ensure projects are sustainable.
  • Encouraging employees to be sustainable in their day to day business activities - ‘Environmental sustainability’ is a Key Performance Indicator included in the twice yearly performance reviews of all 870+ RAA employees.
  • RAA was a founding member of KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful). The original KESAB campaigns and focus was on the removal and reduction of roadside litter, and South Australia now leads the way in litter and roadside prevention. We continue to actively participate through both Board representation, direction, and support of KESAB.

RAA is also proud to have a focus on emissions reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, and clean physical environments with a reduced footprint.